Title: The ultimate evil

Author: Wally K Daly

Publisher: Target
Publication date: 1989.

Synopsis: One of the missing episodes from BBC series. With the Tardis working perfectly the Doctor and Peri find themselves at something of a loose end. A holiday in Tranquela, a peace-loving country where there has been no war for over fifty years, seems the ideal solution. Unfortunately their visit coincides with that of an unscrupulous arms dealer - the Machiavellian Dwarf Mordant.

Series: Doctor Who

Available formats

Audio: narrated by Wally K Daly
Daisy information: version 2.02, Navigation: Page, Type: Full audio with structure
Duration: 4 hours 28 minutes
Catalogue number: 17077
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Age range: Suggested reading age 13+

Language: English

Browse category: Fiction: Science fiction; Fiction: Young adult fiction

ISBN: 0426203380