Title: The monsters inside

Author: Stephen Cole

Publisher: BBC Books
Publication date: 2005.

Synopsis: The Tardis takes the Doctor and Rose to a destination in deep space - Justicia, a prison camp stretched over six planets, where Earth colonies deal with their criminals. While Rose finds herself locked up in a teenage borstal, the Doctor is trapped in a scientific labour camp. Each is determined to find the other, and soon both Rose and the Doctor are risking life and limb to escape in their distinctive styles.

Series: Doctor Who

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Available formats

Buy braille grade 1The monsters insidePrice: £6.99, 7 volumes, 665 pages, Catalogue number: 21011504
Buy braille grade 2The monsters insidePrice: £6.99, 5 volumes, 526 pages, Catalogue number: 21011503

Audio: narrated by David Thorpe
Daisy information: version 2.02, Navigation: Chapter, Type: Full audio with structure
Duration: 7 hours 25 minutes
Catalogue number: 14999
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Buy DAISY CDThe monsters insidePrice: £6.99, 1 CD, Catalogue number: 800429

Age range: Young adult

Language: English

Browse category: Fiction: Science fiction; Fiction: Young adult fiction

ISBN: 0563486295