Title: C

Author: Tom McCarthy

Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Publication date: 2010.

Synopsis: "C" follows the short, intense life of Serge Carrefax. Born to the sound of one of the very earliest experimental wireless stations, Serge finds himself steeped in a weird world of transmissions, whose very air seems filled with cryptic and poetic signals of all kinds. When personal loss strikes him in his adolescence, this world takes on a darker and more morbid aspect. What follows is a stunning tour de force in which the eerily idyllic settings of pre-war Europe give way to the exhilarating flight-paths of the frontline aeroplane radio operator, then the prison camps of Germany, the drug-fuelled London of the roaring twenties and, finally, the ancient tombs of Egypt.

Note: Contains language that might be considered offensive. Contains passages of a sexual nature that might be considered offensive.

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Duration: 14 hours 58 minutes
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Language: English

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ISBN: 9780224090209