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BookStream book club has now closed

Please note that BookStream book club has now closed. You can now download and listen to Talking Books with RNIB Overdrive, our new digital library service. For more details please visit www.rnib.org.uk/overdrive or call our Helpline on 0303 123 9999.

About RNIB Book Site

RNIB has been a publisher for over a hundred years and during this time we have generated a vast archive of over 25,000 publications in different accessible formats. Via the Book Site, we are able to make this back catalogue available to you to search through online.

What Book Site offers

Browse through our entire collection of over 18,000 audio books and 15,000 braille books, over 200 accessible maps and diagrams, and 1,600 braille music manuscripts, as well as large print books. Most titles are available to buy, however, some are only available on subscription. Use of the Book Site is completely free.

Our Book Site bookshop contains RNIB's entire collection of over 25,000 publications including audio, braille and large print format, as well as accessible maps and diagrams, and braille music manuscripts. Simply visit the Book Site where you can easily browse through what's available and buy online. ** Note: If you are looking for DAISY books, we now have two ranges - the made to order range (no frills, just the book in a DVD case) and the gift range (with covers and braille label). To check which range the book you are interested in belongs to, please visit our online shop **.

How to use Book Site

To begin searching, visit the Search for books section and put in your search options, for example, title, author, subject and which formats you read, such as Braille and DAISY CD. There is no sign-up required for searching so you can get started straight away. Should you wish to make a purchase, you will need to register with the Book site, which is a simple online process. To purchase goods from RNIB's Book Site, you must be 18 years or over.

If you live outside the UK and wish to purchase a book you have found on the Book Site, please contact our Export department on +44 (0)1733 37 54 00 to find out the latest export prices and to place an order.

Keep up-to-date

You can also keep up-to-date with new publications, as we continue to expand our catalogue, by subscribing to New Books (new window), a free bi-monthly update containing details of new titles available for sale or loan. Call 0303 123 9999 to subscribe.

About RNIB BookStream book club

BookStream book club is a web based service designed for readers of DAISY audio books. It is available to blind and partially sighted people living in the UK and is accessed through the Book Site.

What BookStream book club offers

This gives you the choice of listening to DAISY books via your PC, through your internet connection using the streaming facility, or ordering DAISY books to receive on CD, which you can then play through either a DAISY player or your PC. Please note, this is a real time streaming service and there is no download option.

How to use BookStream book club

To stream a book simply choose a title, add it to your personal bookshelf, select the "stream" button and in just a few seconds you will be reading the book of your choice via your PC. To receive a book on CD simply choose the title you want, select the "get CD" button to place your order and in a few days your book will arrive in the post. Please note, for the streaming option we recommend you use a broadband connection. We do not recommend streaming books via a dial-up connection as they may sound choppy and variable.

We are launching a brand new digital library service in September. To register your interest, please email overdrive@rnib.org.uk for more details. In the meantime, if you would like to access our Bookstream book club, please register on Book site.

Contact RNIB Helpline on 0300 123 9999 or email helpline@rnib.org.uk to arrange a payment of your annual £50 subscription and provide your email address that you registered with. Your membership will then be transferred to the new digital library service in September.

Windows 7 and Apple Mac

If you are a Windows 7 user, or are considering upgrading to Windows 7, please note the following: in order to use the NetPLEXTALK DAISY player you will need Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit as a minimum.  If you are an Apple Mac user, or are considering switching from PC to Apple Mac, please nore the following: whilst the NetPLEXTALK DAISY player is not specifically designed to work directly in the Apple Mac environment, it will play in a "Virtualised Windows" or "Windows Emulation" environment on the Apple Mac.

Our site is safe and secure as our server encrypts the information you provide us with.

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